mysig (Swedish)

adj. affording comfort and warmth

bring cozy home

Welcome to Mysig Modern. We are Lindsey and Ally; two sisters based in the Twin Cities trying to find new walls to decorate, shelves to stock, books to stack and plants to pot. With a passion for curating cozy and no where to put it, we came to terms with the fact that it was time to make our dream a reality – starting a brand.

In our opinion, being a good host means offering your guest a cup of coffee, a good conversation and a comfortable atmosphere. We hope that our brand helps create a space that allows just that. We’d describe our aesthetic as the cross section between Joanna Gaines and Carrie Bradshaw – but with a Scandinavian twist.

As two Gemini suns, you can expect to see the range that comes with polar personalities. With diversity seen in our creations, you could even call us the Mike Myers of home decor. (Just give us this one, ok?) While some days you’ll notice a maximalist take on mid-century modern, others may feature a minimal take on traditional trends.

Peruse our Instagram and give us a follow! You might just find a reason to make your home a little more mysig.